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Thursday, September 28, 2006 

Attorney General rejects ALRC Review

Well that last was an optimistic post. Two days after the ALRC released its report the Attorney General responded by saying that the Government did not intend to change its position.

To re-cap: there was a public outcry over the sedition provisions in the Anti-Terror Bill. The Senate Committee received an overwhelming number of submissions all but two of which recommended that the Sedition provisions be removed. The Senate Committee then recommended that the provisions be removed from the bill. The Attorney General refused to remove them but promised an ALRC review in the new year. Many submissions later, this review has also recommended that the provisions be removed. Two days later Mr Ruddock blithely considers ignoring it all.

Now would be a good time to write to your MPs expressing either outrage at Mr Ruddock's indifference to the ALRC review and/or that they will carefully consider and support the ALRC review when it's debated in Parliament.

More later.

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